About Spirit Icon Set

General concept

  • Spirit Icon Set is a basic set for a design system which can be extended according to your brand
  • The main source for icons is Figma design system file that can be connected with Supernova automation and exporters
  • All included icons are necessary for using Spirit components (Text Field, Select...)
  • There are two subcategories. The first one is Design only with icons for designers. The second one Design & Code is for designers and developers
  • If icons use the "colored" suffix, they preserve the custom color settings
  • There is only one default size of the icon 24x24px
  • Large or small sizes of icons are resized from the default size
  • Every icon has a unique name. Icon names are derived from the user actions they represent e.g. Search, Visibility Off... (not Magnifier, Eye With line...)
  • Icons can use any color token. The default value is Text Primary
  • Are you interested in customization according to your brand? Look at a Brand Setup page
  • Look at the Library of available icons


Look at Implementation.