Brand Customisation

For designers

How to change an existing icon from the Spirit icon set
  • You can customize any vector shape or you can replace the existing curve with your own
  • Keep a name of each existing icon without changes
  • Keep a frame size of each icon 24x24px
How to add a new custom icon
  • Keep the frame size of each icon 24x24px
  • Don't duplicate the names of existing icons
  • Name the icons according to interactions (Search, Home, Filter...) not according to shape (Magnifying glass, House, Funnel...)
  • You can add any vector shape you like

For developers

  • Create either a directory in your project or a package
  • For Web implementation just generate your own SVG sprite
  • For React create an object with contents of the SVGs
  • For Twig you just need a folder with all the SVG files